Do you find it difficult to sell your ideas?

Or you always find resistance to bring about changes in your team.

Here’s a framework from designers toolbox called Sprint. This will enable you to think through your sales pitch and arm with information for increasing your success. It also accounts for inclusion of stakeholders views to make that decision.

Design isn’t just about those visual or make it look good. It’s also about making things easier and better.



Sketchnote on Entrepreneurship

I had a chance to hear Anupam Mittal as part of Beyond Horizon series, Cisco.
While he shared learning on Entrepreneurship and the mindset over 90 minutes, I sketchnoted the talk live.

Working at corporate is seen as something for 9–6 lovers. But I find it enriching to work at Cisco living a culture that celebrates entrepreneur mindset.

Following are the key takeaways
1. Entrepreneurship is mindset
2. It starts with questioning the status quo for better state
3. Working for Excellence
4. Perseverance will help compound the excellence
5. Looking at Bigger picture once in a while
6. Failure builds character
7. Most of Winning happens off the track
8. Choose to enjoy what you do or choose what you enjoy to do

Sharing it with larger audience.

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